Can God Help with Your Cares, Burdens, and Afflictions?

man carrying burden

“Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved” (Psalm 55:22).

To cast your burdens upon God means resting upon what He has promised and on what He provides. Cares can heavily weigh your heart down, but the Lord won’t allow you to come to the point of being totally cast down. He will bear the burden of all your sorrows. Therefore, let Him bear the burden of all your cares too. He knows what is best for you and He will provide according to your need. Sin and corruption are also heavy burdens. But He will bear those heavy burdens too, and will bear you up at the same time. Let Him pick you up and carry you in His powerful arms, like a father carries his little one. Your load can safely be placed upon Him. The Spirit of God will lift your spirits and make them stronger, so that you can stand up under whatever trial you may be enduring.

man in looking with distant thoughts

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous” (Psalm 34).

Affliction refers to a state of distress, pain, or grief. It can also refer to being tried, tormented, or tortured. Afflictions are the cause of continued pain of the mind or body, like sickness, calamity, adversity, losses, or persecution. What a heavy load they can be, especially if they follow the temptations of the devil.

“…He hath not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; neither hath he hid his face from him; but when he cried unto him, he heard” (Psalm 22:24).

No matter what cares, afflictions, or trials oppress you, you can lay them all upon God’s shoulders. What a glorious promise He has given for every tempted and afflicted soul! “For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory…” (2 Corinthians 4:17). You do not know what God is working out in you as you steadily endure affliction.

depressed woman

God will never allow the righteous (those in right standing with God) to be moved, to fall, or to be lost forever. Nor will He allow troubles to upset you to the point that you slack off in finding your comfort in Him, or in doing your duty to Him. He may allow you be shaken for a while, but it will never be to the point of being utterly overwhelmed. If you are righteous, you can be sure that you can continue to trust and depend on Him. And if you continue to trust God and do what is righteous, you will be as safe as if you were already in heaven.

What is the way of relief from all your cares, all your burdens, and all your afflictions? Look to Christ, who has already borne them all on the Cross for you. Lay them all directly upon His shoulders in faith by prayer, then confidently expect a good outcome. How can you do the work of God in this world if you fold up under the burdens that interfere with your efforts? Therefore, hand them all over. Whatever you want God to give you, let Him give it to you in His own time and in His own way. In the meantime, be satisfied. Commit all your ways and works to the Lord; then let Him do what He knows is right.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand (Psalm 37:23-24).

Call upon the Lord in every kind of trial. He will hear you and He will rescue you. He will not be upset with you for coming too often. In fact, the more often you come to Him, the more welcome you will be!

Focus On Yourself?

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Have you ever wondered if the trial you are going through is the result of the actions of another person, or if it is coming from the enemy of your soul?

Do you ever find yourself thinking things like this:

  • “Did you see what he (she) just did concerning you? Are you going to put up with that?”
  • “How many times have you told him (her) how much you don’t like that? Doesn’t he (she) care about you and how you feel about things?”
  • “You really should just leave. That would show him (her/them). Just get up and walk out and don’t come back. Then he (she/they) will be sorry. He (she/they) don’t deserve to have you with him (her/them), the way he (she/they) act. This will show him (her/them)!”
  • “He (she) just doesn’t know what marriage is supposed to be like. He (she) doesn’t treat you the way you ought to be treated. He (she) is out there or back there having a good time while you are here doing all the work! He (she) doesn’t appreciate you and all that you do. Maybe he (she) is having a good time with someone else while you sit here alone. You ought to snoop and find out. Or just come right out when he (she) returns and accuse him (her) and see what kind of reaction you get! Then you’ll know!”
  • “The world would really be better off without a person like you. You have never fit in. You are never a success at anything. You cause problems everywhere you go. You should just find a way to end it all and be done with it.”


Any of these thoughts sound familiar? How do I know that you hear these thoughts at times? Because I know that the enemy of your soul is busy, busy, busy all the time planting these ungodly ideas in your head every opportunity he can get. That’s why we all hear the same old story from many different people. The common denominator in all the above statements is ‘you’. The enemy wants you to focus on yourself. “Look how this affects me. Look how I am hurting or insulted or restricted, etc.”

If these thoughts were coming from God, He would not be putting the emphasis on ‘you.’ He would not harass and torment you with negative thoughts that encourage you to think about yourself all the time, or about ways to make other people treat you the way you want to be treated.

Have you ever tried thinking once in a while as if you were the enemy? What would you do if you were in his shoes and wanted to bring you down or cause you a lot of trouble to discourage you from doing what is right? Sometimes this line of thought can help you see from another angle what is happening to you.

The enemy’s goal is to get you to focus on yourself, to feel sorry for yourself, and to become unable to see another person’s point of view, or what the real situation is. He wants you concerned for your own welfare at all times. He wants you to do everything you can to avoid suffering of any kind. He does not want you to take on the burdens of others. He does not want you to be self-sacrificing. He does not want you to put the needs of others above your own.

Now try thinking once in a while as if you were God. Would God plant these thoughts in someone who He is trying to encourage to be righteous and holy? Would He ever tell someone to whom He gave the gift of life to go end that life because he (she) is worthless?

He NEVER tells anyone to kill himself (herself). Thoughts like that are never from God.

Would He tell someone to think only of him (her) and have no regard for others? What if God treated us that way? What if He thought only of Himself and just left us to suffer the just penalty for our sin against Him? What if He had refused to arrange the sacrifice of His only begotten Son so that we could be made free from the bondage of sin and the devil?

Finally, try thinking once in a while how what you do affects God. Would He act the way you just did? Would He accuse others of evil without a shred of evidence? Would He walk out and slam the door behind Him when someone said or did something He did not like? Would He be quick to put someone down and have a feeling of triumph that He had won and that person had lost? Would He blow His top if things didn’t go His way and then refuse to even apologize later? This all sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? You can’t imagine God acting in ways like this. Yet we do all the time and think nothing of it.

–Alana Pangburn